Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Version Released!

As promised this vestion come up with new design and features. This changes so big and I decided to rename NightCam+ to XLCamera  (Extreme Light Condition Camera).

In addition to new name and design, XLCamera got new image processing engine that dramatically faster and let show processed images in real time in full size and as result lets record Video.

Another resone to change name that it is no more just Night Camera. At day time with high contrast scenes you can enlight shadows. It's kind of HDR function but instead of regular Camera App it can be applied to Video frames too.

What next...

- Focus/Exposure Lock
- Saturation control (adjusting amount of color on image)


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  2. Hi,

    You might need to take a look at this discussion:

    I had to delete XL Camera Universal from my iPad2 that just been updated to iOS 6.1 because the MotionX GPS Drive keep appear in App Store Updates page.

    You should tell Apple about this problems so they could fix their App Store.

  3. New design, new features and a new name. Put simply rebranding. But there are nice features in the new software. I stood before the application on the iPhone, after the upgrade, stopped working. So I had to be replaced by something else. Now I use It is convenient to use, but you need to spend more time for editing photos. You can try. I liked the end result.