Saturday, January 21, 2012

Focus/Exposure & Saturation Controls

New update with new features (Focus/Exposure &Saturation Controls) submitted to Apple.
I'm exited with this new Features that let take more realistic Photos than Regular Camera doing.
Here is samples. First four pictures made with clear sky sunny day and second three made with cloudy sky. You can see that XLCamera makes more realistic Photos that reflect actual light condition on scene.
Regular Camera


Regular Camera with HDR


Regular Camera (exposure on sky)

Regular Camera with HDR (exposure on sky)

XLCamera (exposure on sky)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Version Released!

As promised this vestion come up with new design and features. This changes so big and I decided to rename NightCam+ to XLCamera  (Extreme Light Condition Camera).

In addition to new name and design, XLCamera got new image processing engine that dramatically faster and let show processed images in real time in full size and as result lets record Video.

Another resone to change name that it is no more just Night Camera. At day time with high contrast scenes you can enlight shadows. It's kind of HDR function but instead of regular Camera App it can be applied to Video frames too.

What next...

- Focus/Exposure Lock
- Saturation control (adjusting amount of color on image)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Version coming up!

Totally new version is under development and coming soon.
You'll have:
- video recording
- full resolution image capture
- realtime full screen preview
and much more…

Saturday, May 14, 2011


You've probably already realized that the quality of photos taken at night was not optimal? 

With NightCam+ , you can now expect to obtain a record of much better quality to take pictures of your evenings or other times during the night.
This application lets you take pictures in high resolution with many settings such as different levels of color, brightness, NightCam+ also features a flashlight to illuminate you in the dark.

Compare NightCam+ and regular iPhone Camera shots

My favorite comments from App Store (THANK YOU VERY MUTCH FOR THAT):

Wow - I wanted to take pictures at night and most of the time they were too dark and a waste of time to even take. I've been playing around with this NightCam+ and so far so good. It lightens up the picture enough so you can actually see what you are snapping. The examples above are pretty accurate. Glad I purchased this app!

It really works! - Obviously it can't turn your iPhone into a high end camera - stop complaining! What it does, it does really well! Good photos can be taken under conditions where you would normally not be able to shot anything. Preview is outstanding. Naturally noise is introduced (this is software, not an upgraded camera!), but you are free to strike a balance between a brighter picture and noise, and the noise can later be reduced in Photoshop, if desired. All in all, impressive results!

TOIMII! - Kyllä täytyy kehua tätä sovellusta, otin omasta huoneesta kuvan illalla hämärässä tavallisella kamerallani, sitten otin samasta kohtaa kuvan NightCam+:lla ja näyttää aivan kuin valot olisivat päällä! Tavallisella kameralla kuvasta ei saanut mitään selvää. GREAT APP